Corporate Events

Our business is about making your business better, through cementing existing client relationships, securing new customers and rewarding hard-working staff and employees.

Motorsport is a unique form of corporate entertainment, providing an informal atmosphere, but one buzzing with adrenaline and condusive to improving customer relations. There are many types of Corporate Entertainment, - Golf days, Boxes at football matches, days at the Races etc., but none provide both the time to really get to now your clients and the lasting memory of the day quite like a Motorsport day.

To reinforce this, we can provide memory cards to all guests, which will record their drives during the day. They will then show these off to their peers, friends and family! These cards can be pre-loaded with YOUR company message, promoting your business even further!

A sample Itinerary of our days:
09.00 - Arrival for Breakfast, served in our Café/bar 
09.30 - Sign on and get ready for the drive of your life! 
10.00 - Driving starts on the 4 mile gravel rally stage 
12.30 - Break for a well-earned lunch, served in ‘The Chequered Flag’ Restaurant 
13.30 - Out onto the 1.5mile race circuit in the Abarth 500, Ginetta G40 & KTM X-Bows 
16.00 - Put the cars away, it’s time for the EPIC Kart race – 20 minutes qualifying followed by a 40 minute race on “The Longest & Fastest Kart Circuit IN THE WORLD!” in our twin-engined Pro-Karts. 
17.15 - Back to the bar for a drink and award ceremony In addition to taking care of your every need during the day, we can take care of all the travelling and accommodation arrangements for you, with special agreements with local hotels and executive coach companies. We understand that not all businesses can afford to treat their clients to luxury events, so have a range of packages to suit most budgets. We would like to contact you again in the next few days to arrange a convenient time to demonstrate in greater detail how we can help your business through the exciting medium of Motorsport!